Photographs of Smith Falls State Park


Paper Birches near the base of Smith Falls


Smith Falls


Dead paper birch branch in stream bed.


Dead paper birch, still standing


A "hybrid" aspen. The aspen found only near the base of Smith Falls have characteristics of the quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) and the big-toothed aspen (Populus grandidentata).



Yes, there are still some live paper birches in the park.


Some dead trunks of paper birches can be seen to the right of the falls.



Several dead birches are seen along the canyon wall



The bark of the older birches matures and loses its paper-like texture.


Above the canyon wall is prarie being invaded by eastern red cedar and ponderosa pine. The Sand Hills can be seen along the horizon.


View from the top of the canyon. The major pine tree seen is ponderosa pine.


Aspen and ponderosa pine.

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