Austrian Pine, Canadian Hemlock, Swiss Stone Pine, Eastern White Pine, European Larch, Cedar of Lebanon, Serbian Spruce

Austrian Pines stand next to the crabapple grove by Lamont Library.

A small grove of hemlocks near the gate along the east side of the Yard

The only Swiss stone pine on campus is next to Robinson Hall. Notice its split trunk, which gives is a very nice shape and figure.

The white pine in the Yard is used to commemorate the old privy hedges. Before modern plumbing, the privies were behind the buildings, and in order to hide them, they used pines and other evergreens.

One of several white pines at the location of an old privy hedge.

These larches are the only deciduous members of the pine family found in the Yard. All the larches in the Yard are located in the quads on both sides of Holden Chapel.

European larch cones.

The cedar of Lebanon is the next to Lehman Hall. It is the same type of tree that was used to build Solomon's temple in Jerusalem.

This Serbian spruce stand outside Thayer Hall.


Virginia Tech Dendrology info- Austrian pine, Canadian hemlock, Swiss stone pine, white pine, European larch, cedar of Lebanon, serbian spruce


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Last updated May 20, 2007