Japanese Tree Lilac, White Ash, Green Ash, Fringetree


Japanese Tree Lilac next to Phillips Brooks House.

Japanese Tree Lilacs along the south side of Boylston Hall.

White ash foliage tends to have purple, red, and yellow leaves.

The green ash is now the more widely planted of the ashes in cities. The green ash has a wide range across the country, including the hotter and drier midwest. Because of its tolerance of these harsher conditions, it is preferentially chosen over the white ash for most landscape planting. If you look around Harvard, or even Cambridge and Boston, the largest ash trees are white ashes and the newer ones are green ashes.

The only green ash in the Yard is just north of Johnston Gate along the fence.

A small fringetree is near the gate by Widener Library.

Virginia Tech Dendrology info- Japanese tree lilac, white ash, green ash, fringetree



Created by Ryan Lynch

Last updated May 20, 2007