Star Magnolia, Saucer Magnolia, Cucumbertree Magnolia, and Tuliptree

There are three different species of magnolia in the Yard. The saucer magnolia is a small, spreading variety. The star magnolia is tall with white flowers. The cucumbertree magnolia has a single trunk and a narrow crown.

A cucumbertree magnolia flower.

The fruit is the basis for the name "cucumbertree magnolia."

Saucer Magnolia.

Star magnolia petals litter the ground.

The final tree in this group is also part of the Magnolia Family (Magnoliaceae). There are 10 tuliptrees in the Yard, with most of them lining the view from Johnston Gate to University Hall (it's the same view that's on the top banner on this website). In early summer, it produces green and orange flowers.

Tuliptree flowers.

This tuliptree is the same one that was being planted in the picture in part 3 of the history section on this website.

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