June 4, 2007 - After 20 months, the Harvard Yard Tree Website returns to the web. Check out the Updates page periodically to see what's new on the website. Students can get cash advance loans online.


Welcome to the home for information of trees in Harvard Yard. The Yard has been the center of Harvard University since its founding in 1636. Each year, countless faculty, students, locals, and tourist from every corner of the globe pass through the green oasis in the middle of the urban jungle. Even with skyrocketing real estate costs, Harvard would rather expand its space in the Allston area of Boston than sacrifice its priceless green space. The diverse green canopy that extends over the campus each summer only adds to the reputation and tradition that surround Harvard. The Yard exudes a sense of security and stability in a dynamic and ephemeral society. However, apocalyptic visions off the loss of our beloved trees were made as little as 15 years ago. How has Harvard Yard changed in the past 15 years, or even the past century for that matter? For this reason, I decided to create a website that details the storied history of Harvard Yard trees. In addition, you will also find a guide to the trees of Harvard Yard today. Hopefully through this website, one will learn about history of the trees in the Yard while gaining insight into the individual tree components that synergistically work to create the canopy we value so much.


Created by Ryan Lynch

Last updated June 4, 2007